siman concrete sink
siman concrete basin drawing

Siman is an oval countertop basin designed by Gian Paolo Venier in 2019. Made of cast concrete.

The name comes from the Farsi term “siman”, which means cement. Marked by the iconic pleating, inspired by the ancient Toghrul tower, situated near Teheran (Iran), it creates an everchanging game of shadows and depths. Siman carries a strong sculptural identity. Siman populates interior landscapes with a highly graphic and timeless personality, casting a new light on concrete. Ideal for bigger residential and commercial bathrooms, it elevates the space in its own unique way.


Diameter: 46cm or 56 cm
Height: 20 cm (± 2%)
Depth: 16 cm
Edge thickness: 1.5-2.5 cm
Weight: 33 kg (± 2%)

D: 81x56x33cm
W: 35kg




Every piece may exhibit color variations on its surface, as well as among other pieces of the same product or sample products. The concrete surface exhibits surface voids that are caused by the air. This is a natural property of concrete. This is only visible on the external side of the washbasin.
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