We live in a fast-paced world, at URBI ET ORBI we love to give duration to the moments. We enjoy the present before it becomes the past.

We live at a time where infinite images succeed one another at a rapid pace and in the end, we do not have time to see the depth in any of them until they eventually become two-dimensional.

We refuse to look only at the surface; we seek the underlying meanings, emotions and messages.

In URBI ET ORBI, we persist in believing in timeless values. A product can be more than just an object. It can have long-term existence, age gracefully without deteriorating, be the space, not merely fill it. In addition to its functionality, a product should have character, spirit, and personality. It should awaken memories and emotions, engage in a dialogue with the user, have origin, move through space and time, and create relationships and experiences.

We want to have memories, to receive and transmit messages starting from this point, we produce and propose products that have life.

About us

URBI ET ORBI is entering its second decade. Founded in 2012 in Greece, its aim was to present to the world the possibilities of concrete as the primary material for the manufacture of design products. The people at Urbi et Orbi, in collaboration with renowned designers, have created exceptional products in the field of bathroom and living spaces. Throughout this journey, we have received recognition and appreciation from numerous professionals in various countries.

With an innovative viewpoint, we evolve, experimenting with new techniques and finishes, viewing each new design as a challenge.