Shipments are made with TNT- FEDEX.

All orders are processed automatically; shipping and delivery times cannot be changed. You will receive a message from TNT- FEDEX with a link to track your order. The courier will make a first attempt to deliver at the address provided during checkout and at the time specified; if unable to deliver, the package will be taken to the nearest TNT- FEDEX access point.

Deliveries shall be made at the postal address provided by Clients when performing the purchase procedure and recorded in the Purchase Order. Therefore, Clients are responsible for the address provided. Urbi et Orbi seller shall not be liable for any mistakes related to shipments or wrong delivery of products, due to mistaken or incomplete information provided by Clients when filling in their Purchase Orders.

Delivery time:

Orders placed between 24 December and 1 January, or during the Easter, or Summer holidays might be subjected to slight delays.

If the product purchased is available, deliveries are made in 2-3 business days, from Monday to Friday and during working hours, holidays excluded.

If the product purchased is made to order, the delivery time will include the production time, estimated at about 1-2 weeks.