Urbi et Orbi presents the Medius Terra collection, a captivating celebration of the Mediterranean’s soul. More than just a collection, it embodies our essence – a testament to the enduring character of this remarkable region.
Inspired by the Genius Loci, the spirit of the place, Medius Terra delves into the heart of the Mediterranean.
It’s an ode to the sun-drenched landscapes, the vibrant cultures, and the timeless traditions that weave the fabric of this cherished sea and its surrounding lands.
The distinctiveness of this collection arises from the fusion of diverse perspectives brought forth by the three contributing designers:
Gian Paolo Venier OTTO Studio  –  Sotirislazoudesignstudio  –  CTRLZAK.

Unveil the Captivating Essence of the Mediterranean
Explore the Medius Terra Collection and Immerse Yourself in the Region’s Timeless Spirit.

Download the Medius Terra Catalogue