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Strata series was designed by CTRLZAK for the Urbi et Orbi Medius Terra collection in 2024.

It is inspired by natural geological formations (stratification).. It captures sedimentation, erosion, and volcanic activity through stacked layers, symbolizing the passage of time. The design is inspired by the Mediterranean region’s diverse landscapes and geological phenomena. The overlapping layers of mineral compositions represent the geological history of the Mediterranean and our planet. Strata encourages reflection on our perception of time through geology and the natural world.

Strata concrete wall lamp is designed for outdoor use and features a unique finish that can only be achieved with concrete as a base material. Each piece is unique and different, holding onto the design concept. It was a construction challenge for us, and we loved it from the first moment when it was still an idea. We developed special production techniques to approach such a natural appearance.

Through the nature of concrete, this luminaire acquires its character; the passage of time will leave its footstep which will enhance its beauty even further.
Ideal for commercial or residential spaces, it is available in a cold and warm color palette.

This concrete wall light fixture is produced through our company’s Zero Waste Project developed over the past 3 years, with a recycling rate of 20%.


Outdoor / indoor
diameter 10cm
Height: 30cm
Wall mounting without recessed box
Light Source

Led Module  IP 65 x2
Input (V):230V – 12V – 24V
600 Lumen – 35°
3000K, 4000K, 5000K
External connection IP68

Color Variation 1

strata colors 1

Color Variation 2

strata colors 2


Every piece may exhibit color variations on its surface, as well as among other pieces of the same product or sample products. The concrete surface exhibits surface voids that are caused by the air. This is a natural property of concrete.
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