SIMAN basin is made of cast concrete. Design by Gian Paolo Venier in 2019.

A postcard representing the ancient Toghrul tower, situated near Teheran (Iran), that the designer received from an old friend, was the starting point for the conception of this is family of tableware. The name of the collection comes from the term “siman”, which means concrete in Farsi language. Marked by the iconic pleating, which creates ever-changing games of shadows and depths, the pieces carry a strong sculptural identity. As a collection of little architectures. Siman populates interior landscapes with a highly graphic and timeless personality, casting a new light on concrete, traditionally considered a poor and rude building material.


Diameter: 46×56 cm
Height: 20 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Edge thickness: 1.5-2.5 cm
Weight: 33 kg

D: 81x56x33cm
W: 35kg




È possibile che la superficie del prodotto, così come parti diverse dello stesso prodotto o il prodotto stesso rispetto ai campioni, presentino lievi disomogeneità cromatiche. Inoltre è possibile che sulla superficie del prodotto siano visibili forellini causati dalla presenza di aria. Non sono difetti ma caratteristiche naturali del cemento. Tuttavia sono visibili soltanto sul lato esterno del lavabo.
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