panelo 3d concrete tiles
PANELO 3D drawing 1

This wall panel is hand-made of cast concrete. Design by Urbi et Orbi studio in 2014.

“PANELO 3D” concrete wall tiles effect after installing is the impression of an apparent concrete wall, molded with not care.
The dimensions of the tile are 20X50cm. (±0,5%)
Available in three different thickness sizes. The standard of 1 cm, for 2D view. For 3D view, is available in two extra thickness variations, of 2.5 cm or 4 cm (±2mm)
With the combination of these three different variations, you can create many three-dimensional views. However, for uniform 2D appearance you may place only the tiles of 1 cm thickness. Its weight amounts to 2,5 kg for 1 cm thickness, 4 kg for 2,5 cm and 7,5 kg for the 4 cm thickness. Pieces can vary up to ±10% from each other. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Available in 20% lower weight for indoor installation only.


It is available in grey color with variations on its surface in every piece, as well as between the
pieces. None ‘’PANELO 3D’’ tile is identical to another as also to the sample. The concrete surface exhibits several surface voids (air holes). This is a natural property of concrete.
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