Words have constituted the primary vocabulary for Nikos Paleologos. He was born amid a world of words, became friends with them, explored them and worked with them, to produce articles for the press and all kinds of copy for Greek and international brands. But a vocabulary gets more precise and expressive, when you enrich it with different means, he has figured along the way. His praxis as a creative director confirms this notion. He has generated ideas that became broadcasts on radio and television, concepts on posters and billboards, or typography on fine paper. The next step thus came effortlessly, in 2017: It was the start of a design agency that would apply strategic thinking, honest execution and unexpected creativity, to brands that would trust them. It was the start of SAINT OF ATHENS. Working with environmental branding in mind, the agency takes on various interior design endeavors, aiming to seamless complement their branding projects. Therefore, to get into designing stand-alone objects that express his inspirations and carry his architectural influences makes absolute sense for him.