Grey Sundtan Coffee table by Urbi et Orbi 516
Grey Sundtan Coffee table by Urbi et Orbi 516 texniko 1

SunDtan concrete coffee table was Designed by Urbi et Orbi Studio in 2022.

The SunDtan table playfully nods to the term “suntan,” as it’s specifically crafted for outdoor use, perfect for poolside or beach settings due to concrete’s durability against water, sea, and sunlight. To avoid color-related misunderstandings, we added a “D” to the name, symbolizing vitamin D and emphasizing its usage under the sun.

Its creation stemmed from a playful experiment in the workshop, aiming to complement the concept with a relatively organic shape. To achieve this, we used a cylindrical rubber mold, thin enough not to fully support the weight of the concrete, allowing it to overflow during casting and resulting in the desired curves.

SunDtan is naturally shaped when concrete as a raw material is allowed to act under our guidance; therefore, it is a side table that embodies the essence of concrete, both in design and functionality.

This product is produced through our company’s Zero Waste Project developed over the past 3 years, with a recycling rate of 20%.
Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


Diameter: 50 cm
Height: 45 cm
Weight:  35 kg


D: 60x60x60 cm
W: 45 kg


Available in Basic or Optional color range




Every piece may exhibit color variations on its surface, as well as among other pieces of the same product or sample products. The concrete surface exhibits surface voids that are caused by the air. This is a natural property of concrete.
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