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LucerA wireless table lamps are crafted from cast concrete and semi-transparent resin, designed by Sotiris Lazou Design Studio in 2021.

LucerA lamps are a versatile lighting solution suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. These portable lamps are wireless and come equipped with rechargeable batteries, offering convenience and flexibility in placement. With their long-lasting battery life, each of the LucerA lamps can illuminate for over 8 hours while maintaining consistent light intensity.
Adding prestige and radiance with its volume and silky finish, LucerA boasts durability and stability in outdoor weather conditions thanks to its materiality.

The LucerA collection (consisting of 3 lamps) was developed during the COVID-19 lockdowns and eventually won the Good Design Award for the best lighting fixture of 2022 due to its innovative design. Consisting of three parts—two pieces of concrete and one semi-transparent resin—the components are made in separate molds and then assembled together on a lathe for final shaping.

The terrazzo finish is created with cement colors from our basic or optional palette, combined with white or black aggregates. Based on demand, as part of our Zero Waste Project, we can use other color aggregates such as dusty blue, etc.


Diameter: (P)-(Y)-(T) 11cm (± 2%)
Height: (P) 31,5cm – (Y) 29cm – (T) 23cm
Weight: (P) 2.8kg – (Y) 2.7kg – (T) 4.0kg
Material: concrete and semitransparent resin

Led Module IP 65
16 Led (NICHIA) / 1,5W >50.000h.
190 Lumen – 120° / 3500K

Recharchable Battery

7,2 V NiCd 1400 mAh
Charger included
INPUT: AC 100-240 V – 50/60 Hz
OUTPUT: 7,2 V – 300 MA
waterproof swift ON/OFF – IP65
Texture options