POMOLO concrete hanger
POMOLO  drawing

POMOLO concrete knob-hanger was designed by Dimitris Venetsanos in 2013.

A while back, we were in need of knobs for our office. Then, someone proposed an idea: instead of buying them, why not craft knobs out of concrete? Intrigued by the potential of the material we were already using, we decided to give it a try without hesitation. The outcome was impressive, leading us to complete the “Pomolo” series with four different sizes.
Urbi et Orbi became the first factory in Europe to produce concrete knobs.

Our suggestion for this item is that, apart from using it on cupboards or doors, it could also be mounted on your bathroom or living room wall, as the “Pomolo” can double as a unique hanger.


Available in four sizes Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL):

(S)D: 4,4 cm-M4 (suitable for cabinets or wall hangers)
Weight: 65gr

(M) D: 7,2 cm-M4 (suitable for cabinets or wall hangers)
Weight: 170gr

(L) D: 8,5 cm-M4/M8 (suitable for cabinets, wall hangers or doors)
Weight: 250gr

(XL) D: 17 cm-M8(suitable for a door)
Weight: 1,5kg


Available in Basic or Optional color range




Every piece may exhibit color variations on its surface, as well as among other pieces of the same product or sample products. The concrete surface exhibits surface voids that are caused by the air. This is a natural property of concrete.
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