Il lavabo BALCONY è realizzato in cemento, design realizzato da Sotiris Lazou design studio nel 2021.

Terrazzo mosaic is another option for concrete finish: the well-known polished surface, impregnated with penetrating fluid which protects against staining. Terrazzo mosaic is also available in a combination of many colors and aggregates. Although originating in the old days, Terrazzo mosaic is classified by modern architecture and design experts as a modern floor and wall coating material. With the advent of technology, Terrazzo mosaic has evolved by expanding to a wider variety of colors that practically know no boundaries. Additionally, the industry has searched for and produced protective fluids and cleaning agents that reinforce its durability so its beauty can remain intact. Terrazzo mosaic does not deteriorate and does not need to be maintained every few years. Its properties and beauty resemble those of marble and granite, only to a lower price. It can be easily cleaned due to its very smooth and polished surface. This also renders it ideal for spaces where top hygiene conditions are required.


R45 cm
Altezza: 52 cm (± 2%)
Profondità: 12-13 cm
Spessore: 2.5 cm
Peso: 37kg (± 2%)
Varianti di colore




È possibile che la superficie del prodotto, così come parti diverse dello stesso prodotto o il prodotto stesso rispetto ai campioni, presentino lievi disomogeneità cromatiche. Inoltre è possibile che sulla superficie del prodotto siano visibili forellini causati dalla presenza di aria. Non sono difetti ma caratteristiche naturali del cemento. Tuttavia sono visibili soltanto sul lato esterno del lavabo.
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