Using concrete as our fundamental raw material, we incorporate technologically advanced components into our products, as well as additional secondary materials that complement the design, such as wood, metal, and more.

Our production is always handmade, abiding by the European standards and directives of each product category.

The raw materials that we use at URBI ET ORBI are internationally acknowledged, both eco-friendly and human-friendly. Such examples are the special GFRC and UHPC mixes, the most sophisticated advances the concrete industry has to offer.


Concrete is considered by many a mass that is not eco-friendly because it is artificial. It consists of 42% crushed rock, 26% sand, 16% water, 10% cement, and 6% entrained air. Cement is the binding material required to homogenize the concrete mixture. Although cement is not eco-friendly due to the CO2 emissions during its production, it ultimately constitutes a very small percentage of the mass created—a mass composed of natural materials, free from fossil fuels or harsh chemicals.

Because it is an inert mass, nature’s dyad can assimilate it into the environment, making it a new member of it, as it recognizes its composition. Although this may take several years of effort, it will eventually happen effortlessly and without any health burden.

At Urbi et Orbi, we believe in effortless effort, balance, coexistence, and harmony. We listen to the genius of nature and strive to emulate it. Concrete can be recycled, and we make it a natural part of our process to do so, because we want our ecological footprint to be intangible. We use raw materials that we find nearby, preferring sand collected from processing in the workshop than sand gathered from a river or dam. We have chosen to recycle 100% of our waste internally in our production.

We create harmony.



We live in a fast-paced world, at URBI ET ORBI we love to give duration to the moments. We enjoy the present before it becomes the past.

We live at a time where infinite images succeed one another at a rapid pace and in the end, we do not have time to see the depth in any of them until they eventually become two-dimensional.

We refuse to look only at the surface; we seek the underlying meanings, emotions and messages.

In URBI ET ORBI, we persist in believing in timeless values. A product can be more than just an object. It can have long-term existence, age gracefully without deteriorating, be the space, not merely fill it. In addition to its functionality, a product should have character, spirit, and personality. It should awaken memories and emotions, engage in a dialogue with the user, have origin, move through space and time, and create relationships and experiences.

We want to have memories, to receive and transmit messages starting from this point, we produce and propose products that have life.

About us

URBI ET ORBI is entering its second decade. Founded in 2012 in Greece, its aim was to present to the world the possibilities of concrete as the primary material for the manufacture of design products. The people at Urbi et Orbi, in collaboration with renowned designers, have created exceptional products in the field of bathroom and living spaces. Throughout this journey, we have received recognition and appreciation from numerous professionals in various countries.

With an innovative viewpoint, we evolve, experimenting with new techniques and finishes, viewing each new design as a challenge.



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Zero Waste Project

LOGO WASTE without number2

What is usually called industrial waste, we call secondary raw materials.


In 2020 Urbi et Orbi launched a circular economy initiative, called “Zero Waste Project”. By using and repurposing our industrial waste, we are humbly contributing to the global sustainability effort of closing the waste gap.

How do we do that:

  • The leftover concrete rubble pieces replace a large portion of other gravels and aggregates used in mixing new concrete.
  • During the treatment of our products (sawing, grinding etc ) a heavy-duty dust collector is employed to collect the concrete dust waste, which is then used as a filler material in a new concrete mixture, giving it a new life and purpose inside a new product.

What does that mean for you

  • The products which are included in the “Zero Waste Project”, contain between 20 to 80% of recycled excess raw materials in their mixture, strictly complying with the essential quality and safety requirements and always ensuring that our company’s core craftmanship values and commitments are upheld.
  • The use of leftover raw materials, introduce a new terrazzo finish for you to choose from, with different colorful aggregates, as well as the already tried and proven uniform, or ”sand” finish, in which the aggregates are invisible.
  • By choosing a product from the “Zero Waste Project”, you are actively playing a part in the international movement to manage and lessen industrial waste.


To find out more about the products that are included in the Zero Waste Project, look for the recycling banner with the unique percentage of zero waste materials that are included in each product. Those products contribute toward satisfying ‘Recycling Content’ Credit under LEED®.