demenico rocks terrazzo knob hanger by urbi et orbi 516
demenico rocks terrazzo by urbietorbi

Demenico knobs, designed by the Urbi et Orbi studio in 2018, are crafted from cast concrete.

Demenico holds a special place in my heart as the founder of Urbi et Orbi. Nestled along the rocky coasts of Mani, just outside Limeni and before reaching the enchanting cave, lies a shore the locals call Demenico—where I was born, on one of those solitary rocks.

The origin of the name Demenico remains a mystery to this day. Perhaps it has Venetian roots, adapted over time by locals through centuries of word-of-mouth tradition. It goes back to the era when the Venetian navy attempted to conquer this land, but never succeeded. Was it the name of a ship that met its fate here, or of a Venetian sailor who found refuge on these shores?

Demenico evokes the shaded rocks, hidden from daylight except for the midday sun. Its distinctive colors, black and white, mirror the foam of the waves, juxtaposed in the unique manner characteristic of this land.

Eroded by the sea, these rocks undergo a transformation—from rough, untamed forms to smooth, accessible ones—inspiring the design of Demenico knobs.

By Giannis Kyriakakos.

The terrazzo finish is created with cement colors from our basic or optional palette, combined with white or black aggregates. Based on demand, as part of our Zero Waste Project, we can use other color aggregates such as dusty blue, etc.

Demenico Rocks come in three shapes and various sizes.


Available in three sizes Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L)
(S) D: 3,5 cm-M4 (suitable for cabinets or wall hangers)
(M) D: 4,5 cm-M4 (suitable for cabinets or wall hangers)
(L) D: 6,5 cm-M8 (suitable for doors)

Available in two sizes Small (S), Large (L):
(S) D: 6 cm – M4 (suitable for cabinets or wall hangers)
(L) D: 10 cm – M8 (suitable for doors)


Black Terrazzo

White Terrazzo

Optional Terrazzo


Every piece may exhibit color variations on its surface, as well as among other pieces of the same product or sample products. The concrete surface exhibits surface voids that are caused by the air. This is a natural property of concrete.
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